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Comments From Flown Passengers

Here are just some of the many comments kindly written into our Guest Books during the recent flying season:

‘A wonderful way to celebrate our Ruby Wedding Anniversary!
Thank you for a superb flight!
David & Lorna, Yalding, Kent - 5th May

‘A window on the world – Amazing! Thank you x’
Julie, Uckfield, East Sussex – 2nd June

‘A wonderful experience – another box ticked. Thank you to the crew’
Jan & Colin Ellis, London – 3rd June

‘Loved the in-flight commentary and great landing! Thanks.’
Chialan & Mark, London – 4th June

‘A box we can tick in our life experiences, an incredible end to a day,
thank you so much.’
Julian Parke (party of 11), Tulse Hill, London – 13th June

‘What a wonderful start at Leeds Castle and opportunity to take photos there’
Wendy Ager, Carshalton, Surrey – 28th June

‘What a lark! Fly me to the moon! Amazing crew!’
Eva & Robert, Tunbridge Wells, Kent – 5th July

‘A dream come true and right above my native area – wow!’
Anthony, Tonbridge, Kent – 8th July

‘What a fantastic experience, we both thoroughly enjoyed it thanks! You blew my mind!’
Tina & Luke, Sevenoaks, Kent – 10th July

‘Wow! I didn’t want to land, SO romantic, dreamy and woweeeee! X’
Caroline & Chris, Hove, East Sussex – 10th July

‘A wonderful experience for me (81)’
Joan, Chester – 18th July

‘Wonderful experience, a great way to celebrate our engagement and will probably do it every month till the wedding day. FAB!! Xxx’
Lauren & Mark, Matfield, Kent – 25th July

‘Although I was terrified initially – it turned out to be a truly amazing experience with a fantastic sunset to end! Wonderful – thanks very much’
Tina & Richard, Woking, Surrey – 31s July

‘Superdoopa J flight! Was hoping to land without my husband tho. LOL!
Alison, Eastbourne, East Sussex – 19th August

‘If I was a bird, I’d soar up high, but I’m not so I’ll just enjoy a great balloon ride! Thanks for a great ride and the landing and champagne [were] the icing on the cake!’
Amy-Ciara, Horsham, West Sussex – 10th September

‘What a joy to see God’s creation manicured by man, from on high. Wonderful experience, thank you’
Malcolm, Kent – 10th September

‘Excellent! Well worth the wait – you don’t realise how beautiful England is until you have taken a balloon flight!’
Graham, Banstead, Surrey – 12th September

‘We had an amazing time on the balloon ride to celebrate Dad’s birthday back in April, can’t thank the crew enough! Bit concerned about the stampeding cows at the end, but Garry managed to scare them away.’
Sarah, Lucy & Bob, Brighton, East Sussex – 18th September

‘A fantastic experience made better by a very good team who even laid on a welcoming committee for the landing (a field of cows)’
Ken & Linda, Orpington, Kent – 18th September

‘How can you call this a job? Floating around surrounded by beauty, peace & quiet. I envy you. Fantastic day out – thank you.’
Sam & Hannah, Maidstone, Kent – 28th September

And we’ve flown plenty of international passengers too this year!

‘Amazing experience!’
Katia & Kenia, Havana, CUBA – 5th May

‘Great way to see Kent!!!’
Scott Kiernan, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA – 31st May

‘I have enjoyed England very much, and this balloon ride was fantastic. Thanks for a wonderful experience! I plan to visit England again! J’
Abby Bochsler, Mount Angel, Oregon, USA – 13th July

‘Thank you for my extra special birthday experience! We thoroughly enjoyed it!’
Nick & Wendy, SINGAPORE – 5th June

‘Awesome trip. Def worth getting up at 4am for the spectacular trip! Chris, our pilot – hilarious man – very funny- made our trip even better. Thanks so much!’
Michelle & Rod, Perth, WA, AUSTRALIA – 9th August

‘Bellissimo, come volare senza il rumore di alcun motore raggiungere il cielo senza mai lasciare la terra, guardare gli uccelli  dall'alto senza riuscire a toccare le nuvole’
(Beautiful, like flying without any engine noise to reach the sky without ever leaving the ground, watching the birds from above without being able to touch the clouds)
Irene Furlan & Adriano, ITALY - 11th Aug

Age is clearly NO boundary for balloon flights…..

‘An excellent experience and wonderful 90th birthday experience!!’
Ginny Wilson, Gillingham, Kent – 9th July

‘The most wonderful 70th birthday treat. Thanks for making it so memorable – well done’
Marion Goff, Roehampton, London – 10th July

‘A magical way to celebrate my 80th birthday! Fantastic!’
Gwen, Blackpool – 5th August

 ‘I loved it because you feel so free in the air and I loved the bucks fizz at the end. Thank you J (Mitchell, aged 10!)
Mitchell Crane, London – 12th August



2009 Season

Here are just some of the many comments kindly written into our Guest Books during the 2009 flying season: 

‘Why did I wait 50 years before doing [something] so spectacular. To the team and my friends – we will do this again!’
Ruth, Bromley, Kent  - 29th March

‘Excellent flight, brilliant clear weather.  When can I go again?’
Chris, Sunley-on-Thames – 5th April

‘Had a wonderful time – fabulous even for a vertigo sufferer!’
Sarah, Orpington, Kent - 11th April

‘Awesome, truly amazing, so peaceful. Staff were perfect!’
Elliott, Dover, Kent – 12th April

‘Wow! Superb! Wanted to bungee out! Many thanks!’
Paul, Plumpton, East Sussex – 22nd April

‘Happy Wedding gift! Thank you!!!’
Phillip, London – 25th April

‘What a lovely start to the day & a lovely crew, very enjoyable, wonderful champagne. Thanks’
Sally, Tunbridge Wells, Kent – 1st May

‘Well worth getting up at stupid o’clock – a fantastic experience – Thanks!’
Adrian, Peterborough, Cambs – 2nd May

‘Thank you so much! That was great, lovely 40th birthday present’
Amanda, Balcombe, West Sussex -  4th May

‘Absolutely amazing.  Thanks for such a great flight! Great 21st present!’
M. Waite, Maidstone – 23rd May

‘Was absolutely fantastic! Beautiful views and idyllic.  Staff were really friendly which made it a joy.  Would definitely recommend!! Loved drifting amongst the clouds!’
Jenni & Jon, Rochester – 4th June

‘It was the most amazing experience of my life – Thank you’
Joy, Crawley, West Sussex – 7th June

‘What a great way to appreciate all the wonderful countryside we have on our doorstep…and a brilliant way to help me conquer my fear of heights! Thank you’
Stephanie & Anand, London – 28th June

‘A superb flight!! Beautiful weather and an amazing experience.  Definitely worth the early start! Crew fantastic, want to do it again!!!’
Sam & Graeme, Croydon – 28th June

‘Thank you so much, it was an amazing experience and I got loads of lovely photos! J’
Danielle, Biggin Hill, Kent  – 4th July

‘You can’t beat landing on the edge of the Leeds Castle moat, sipping champagne on a sunny morning.  The team were fantastic as they were the last time’
Neil, Beckham – 14th July

‘I'm Ruby từ Việt Nam. Tôi đang trên khí cầu này cho sinh nhật của mum của tôi. Chúng tôi thực sự đã có thời gian tuyệt vời! Cảm ơn bạn rất nhiều’
(I'm Ruby from Vietnam. I'm on this balloon for my mum's birthday.  We really had fantastic time!  Thank you very much) – 17th July

‘I do believe that this was one of my best ideas ever! A great anniversary J’
Tina & Julian, Sheppey, Kent – 26th July

‘4AM!! Blimey what an unearthly hour to come out for a balloon flight, BUT well worth it – everyone should do it – stunning views, so peaceful’
Alida, Gravesend – 3rd August

‘What a brill way to view our beautiful county, super team, thanks’
Ann & Mary, Hailsham – 4th August

‘Wow Wow Wow – Best 50th Birthday present ever!!’
Lisbeth & Paul, Bromley, Kent – 7th August

‘Fabulous experience on our honeymoon! (I found I don’t have vertigo after all……!) Brilliant…..’
Nikki & Steve, Colchester, Essex  – 11th August

‘A great Ruby wedding anniversary present from our sons and their families.  Enjoyed every minute of it.  Thank you.’
John & Hilary, Kent - 19th August

‘A really good 18th Birthday present! J’’
Josie, West Malling, Kent – 2nd September

‘Fantastic views, great Crew, brilliant to the day! Thank You!  Beautiful views, lovely September sunrise & fab crew kept us laughing J What a fabulous journey!! Thank you heaps’
Catherine, Lizzy & Suzanne, Sidcup – 5th September

‘Great fun and tumble and bubbles and all before 8am!!’
Craig & Marie, London – 13th September

‘A wonderful 80th birthday present and Thank You for being so kind’
Heather, Kent – 23rd September

‘Brilliant flight! I shall be back! J’
June, Rochester – 10th October

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